3078 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series

Resolution, Performance, Durability

ACCU-SCOPE's new 3078 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series incorporates a newly designed optical system which provides sharp, high resolution, 3-dimensional views of image samples.  The 3078 Series' ergonomic, modular design makes it ideal for university, industrial and OEM applications.


3078 microscope series
3078 microscope series
With a standard zoom range of 8x -35x the 3078 Series is ideal for dissections and industrial inspections.3078 microscope series
Digital, HD or Video Cameras can easily be attached to the trinocular viewing head models.3078 microscope series
A wide variety of stands are available for industrial inspection applications.

Modular, Sturdy Design

Designed for years of heavy use the 3078 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series is ruggedly built, precision engineered, and is airtight allowing for use in any production or industrial environment.

Optical Excellence

Manufactured using the latest optical coatings, the 3078 Series produces superb image resolution, outstanding depth of field and unsurpassed image clarity.

Versatile and Affordable

With a large number of mounting options the 3078 Zoom Stereo Series is flexible and can be configured to fit any application. Economically priced these zoom stereo's provide best in class value and performance.