3080 Monocular Microscope

Durable and Sturdy with Superior Optical Performance

The 3080 Series is focuses on the high performance durable value required by today's educators. Designed to withstand years of heavy classroom use, the 3080 Microscope Series is a student-proof instrument that offers many professional features at an affordable price.

3080 microscope series
3080 microscope series
Each eyepiece is locked-in to prevent classroom tampering, but remains rotatable for easy use of the included eyepiece pointer.3080 microscope series
Allowing for precise movement of the slide samples, the low coaxial controls make for easier storage and more comfortable use.3080 microscope series
The 3080 has a built-in super bright 7 watt fluorescent illuminator.

Bright, Fluorescent Illumination

With a super bright, 7 watt fluorescent illuminator the 3080 Series delivers excellent illumination with a long lasting (10,000 hour rated) fluorescent lamp. Light adjustment is controlled by either the disc or iris diaphragm depending upon the model that is ordered.

Mechanical Stage

Our mechanical stage is a true mechanical stage – not an attachable one – providing the user with ergonomic low position coaxial controls. As an added benefit all of our mechanical stage configurations also include an iris diaphragm giving the user even more control over making adjustments to the light settings.

Option for a 100x objective

As an option our 3080 Series can be supplied with a 100xR oil achromat objective. This requires a specific configuration with an N.A. 1.25 abbe condenser. Models with a 100x objective are supplied under our catalog numbers 3081.