3080 Monocular Microscope

Durable and Sturdy with Superior Optical Performance

The 3080 Series is focuses on the high performance durable value required by today's educators. Designed to withstand years of heavy classroom use, the 3080 Microscope Series is a student-proof instrument that offers many professional features at an affordable price.

3080 microscope series
3080 microscope series
Each eyepiece is locked-in to prevent classroom tampering, but remains rotatable for easy use of the included eyepiece pointer.3080 microscope series
Superb optics provide sharp, crisp images with high resolution.3080 microscope series
The 3080 has a built-in super bright 7 watt fluorescent illuminator.

Bright, Fluorescent Illumination

With a super bright, 7 watt fluorescent illuminator the 3080 Series delivers excellent illumination with a long lasting (10,000 hour rated) fluorescent lamp. Light adjustment is controlled by either the disc or iris diaphragm depending upon the model that is ordered.

Engineered to Last

Built on a solid, cast alloy aluminum frame, the 3080 is ruggedly built and offers best in class durability for a classroom microscope.

ACCU-CAM 300 Eyepiece Camera Compatibility

Simply remove the eyepiece and insert our new 3mp eyepiece camera, the ACCU-CAM 300 (CAT# AU-300-EP), and the 3080 can become a digital microscope.  With a direct USB output and the included AccuView software, the digital eyepiece allows for live image viewing, capturing, measuring, annotating, and much more on either a PC or Mac platform.