ExcelisTM HD

The new Excelis HD color microscopy cameras set a new standard for excellence in high definition imaging for scientific and industrial applications. Excelis HD cameras are full featured HD camera offering super fast frame rates in video preview, with unrivaled color fidelity and on-board image capturing capability.

The Excelis HDS Camera & Monitor Systems allow users to view and capture images and video directly to the supplied SD card without the need for a computer or separate monitor! The 11.6" HD display offers beautiful, crystal-clear image quality, and vibrant, true-to-life color with exceptional viewing from all angles. It can be used as a stand-alone system, or connected to a PC via USB cable where images can be displayed simultaneously on the Excelis HDS monitor and the PC. For even more flexibility and ideal for teaching environments, the HDMI architecture allows Excelis HDS to be connected to an HDMI-enabled projector as well.

AU-600-HD 1080p Excelis Camera Series


Built-in mouse control software for HDMI viewing and recording without a computer.

AU-300-HD simultaneous live image output

Simulateneous live image output to an HD monitor and to a computer via USB2.0.

AU-300-HDS simultaneous live image output

The Excelis HDS has the camera mounted directly to its own monitor, making it a stand-alone system and a space saving option for the lab or classroom.