ExcelisTM MPX-16C

The new Excelis MPX-16C color CMOS microscopy camera for scientific and industrial applications provides 16MP resolution, 5GB/s ultra high-speed data transfer, high efficiency, and allows users to find and focus easily even at full resolution while the dual processors capture every precise detail.

The Excelis MPX-16C features innovative dual processors, FPGA1 for high definition image quality and FPGA2 for image transfer for superb image quality at high frame rates. The CMOS imaging sensor provides 16MP resolution -- remarkable representation of the finest details with no loss of image fidelity!

The MPX-16C delivers 16MP high resolution still image acquisition and video recording with sharp image quality and vibrant color. The dual processors' amazing performance captures every precise detail. Embedded hardware binning and 3D denoise technologies deliver surprising performance in low light applications.


<i>Excelis</i> MPX-16C Color CMOS Camera
Fine Details Captured
Remarkable representation of fine details
Fluorescence multi-channel merge
Live Images Without Lag
Manipulate live images without lag
Color Temperature Adjustment
Wide range color temperature adjustment