EXI-300 Inverted Microscope

Infinity Corrected LWD Plan Phase Optics,
Variable LED Koehler Illumination & Two Photo Ports

Utilizing ACCU-SCOPE's new optical system and featuring uniquely designed dual imaging ports, the EXI-300 Inverted Microscope delivers unsurpassed performance and optical quality. With a new hard coated stage that is scratch and stain resistant, the EXI-300 is ruggedly built to withstand even the most challenging lab environments.

EXI-300 Inverted Microscope
EXI-300 Inverted Microscope
A new optical design and lens coatings allow the plan phase objectives to provide best-in-class high contrast, high resolution images.EXI-300 Inverted Microscope
Users can connect their camera to either or both the vertical port at the top or the horizontal port at the base of the microscope.EXI-300 Inverted MicroscopeNever replace a bulb again with the newly designed 5 watt LED illuminator rated to last 25,000 hours and providing bright, even illumination over the entire field of view.

Compact, Easy to Use

For users seeking an inverted microscope with a compact design for today's modern lab, the EXI-300 is a perfect choice.

Phase Contrast is Standard

A newly designed phase contrast system provides enhanced high-contrast images of transparent specimens including living cells, tissue slices, micro-organisms, etc.

Digital Imaging Flexibility

With two photo ports, the EXI-300 is the only product in its class to offer dual imaging ports providing users with unprecedented flexibility for an instrument at this level.