Easily Transform Any Brightfield Microscope to Fluorescence With FRAEN®!

Our newest line of FRAEN® illuminators for 1, 2 and 3 color reflected light fluorescence can transform a standard brightfield microscope into a unit capable of fluorescence! FRAEN’s FLUOLED® 1CFW and 3CFW represent a fast, cost-effective and reliable solution for fluorescence microscopy using LEDs as a source for excitation. Different from other LED systems, fluorescence with FRAEN® does not require an existing epi-fluorescence illuminator mounted on the microscope, so fluorescence becomes obtainable even on microscopes where original accessories are not manufactured or available anymore. The illuminator is easily installed between the microscope stand and head within minutes, and because the LEDs are mounted into modular cassettes, no alignment of the light source is needed. LED illumination can be set to 0% (off), 50% and 100% with the ergonomically positioned switch. The light sources are freely interchangeable, and additional LED cassettes and filter sets can be added to your system for an easy upgrade at any time. Best of all, these are compatible with most major brand microscopes!

FRAEN Fluorescence Illuminator
FRAEN Installs Quickly & Easily
FRAEN® fluorescence illuminators install quickly and easily!FRAEN LED Excitation Cassette
LED excitation cassettes can be added to the system at any time.

Brilliant fluorescence samples with FRAEN<sup>&rg;</sup>

Choose from UV, Royal Blue, Blue, Cyan, Green,
Lime or RED LEDs for brilliant fluorescence samples.


  • High Efficiency, Long-lasting LEDs
  • Brilliant Fluorescence Images
  • Easy Ergonomic Controls
  • Instant On/Off
  • Variable Intensity
  • 30,000 Hours of LED Life
  • Quick & Easy Mount to Microscope
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Easily Upgradable
  • No Hazardous Material in the Laboratory
  • No EPI-Illuminator Attachment Required
  • No Bulb Replacement
  • No Maintenance
  • No Alignment
  • No Vibration

Compatible With Leading Microscope Brands

  • Leica®
  • Nikon®
  • Olympus®
  • Zeiss® & more