Lumenera® Cameras

Benefit from Lumenera's leading price-to-performance ratios. INFINITY USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and HDMI digital cameras offer 1.3 to 32 megapixel resolution, and are specifically designed for life science, clinical or industrial applications.  Choose from the most cost-effective CMOS cameras with extremely fast frame rates, or our CCD cameras featuring the latest Sony CCD sensors with high dynamic range and outstanding color reproduction.

Lumenera’s new INFINITY 3-3UR and 3-6UR set new standards for uncooled scientific digital cameras.  Featuring the Sony ICX674 and ICX694CCD sensors respectively, and operating via a high-speed USB 3.0 interface the 3-3UR and 3-6UR cameras offer unparalled performance and provide a best in class value. Designed for use in scientific and industrial applications requiring optimal color reproduction, extreme sensitivity, increased resolution and high speed users can achieve cooled performance from an uncooled camera.

Through its new INFINITY Advantage Packs, Lumenera now offers an extended warranty, free loaner camera, its advanced features software, a second user license for INFINITY ANALYZE, and a free nine month trial of Media Cybernetics Image Pro Plus.  For more details on the INFINITY Advantage Packs, please click on the link on the Downloads page.


Black Series Camera Lumenera's Black Series cameras offer industry leading performance, an extended warranty, free advanced loaner replacement, a license for INFINITY's advanced features software, and a second user license. Black Series cameras are available for all 2 and 3 Series Cameras.CMOS Camera

CMOS/CCD Cameras: CMOS cameras are excellent for photo documentation and high speed imaging. CCD cameras are used for more challenging photo documentation with critical color and lighting conditions.

Infinity X Cameras

Infinity X Cameras: Extremely high
resolution pixel shifting cameras.

With the included INFINITY ANALYZE and INFINITY CAPTURE software, you can take advantage of features ranging from full camera control to advanced capabilities such as measurement, video recording, annotation and the pseudo-coloring of fluorescent images. Live video preview provides for real-time focusing, while auto exposure and auto white balance efficiently capture your optimal range. An intuitive user application provides camera controls while full integration to popular third-party imaging applications is available through our TWAIN drivers. The USB 2.0 or 3.0 digital interface ensures a simple plug and play installation – and one standard cable minimizes camera clutter.