ScopeLED B-Series

High Efficiency, Dense Matrix LED Array For Brightfield

ScopeLED's B-Series microscopy illuminator replaces conventional halogen light sources used for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarized light and DIC in transmitted and reflected light applications.  The heart of the B-Series illuminator is Di-Con's Dense Matrix high performance LED array.  Using advanced thermal design, it offers vibration-free, fan-less cooling with a high intensity optically stable light output.

The RGB model allows any quantitative black and white camera to function as a high speed color imaging system with separate color channel analog voltage and TTL trigger control, eliminating the need for specific software drivers.  It's non-phosphor based Dense Matrix LED array is inert to laser excitation allowing it to be used as a self-shuttering LED transmitted light source with any confocal or laser based fluorescence microscopy system.

ScopeLED B-Series Illuminator
B-Series Specimen Sample Images
Clinical, research and industrial images with ScopeLED B-Series.


  • High Efficiency Dense Matrix LED Array Light Engine
  • Available With White Light or RGB LED Light Engines
  • RGB Non-phosphor LED Array Safe For Use With Laser Based Fluorescence Microscopes
  • Individual Channel Control for Sequential R, G, B Imaging for Merged Color Acquisition Applications
  • Small Form Factor, Fan-less Cooling, Vibration Free
  • Ergonomic Manual Control Interface
  • USB and TTL Connections for Software and DAC Interface
  • Highly Stable Light Intensities
  • Over 30,000 Hours of LED Life
  • No UV or IR Radiation

Compatible With Leading Microscope Brands

  • Leica®
  • Motic®
  • Nikon®
  • Olympus®
  • Zeiss® & more