Parts & Accessories


Parts & Accessories

Replacement Parts & Components


Click on Compound Parts or Stereo Parts to find replacement components for current and discontinued microscopes including:

  • Achromat & Plan objectives
  • bulbs
  • carry cases
  • circuit boards/power supplies
  • condensers
  • DIN and non-DIN objectives
  • dust covers
  • eyeguards
  • eyepieces
  • filters
  • finger springs
  • mechanical stages, attachable
  • parfocal rings/shims
  • pointers
  • reticles
  • rheostats
  • slide holders
  • slide sets (biology)
  • sockets
  • stage clips
  • stage micrometers
  • stage plates


CoolLED pE-100 Fluorescence Illuminator

CoolLED is the industry-leading manufacturer of LED light sources for use in fluorescence microscopy. CoolLED’s pE-100 illuminators address the need for “No More Mercury” in today’s hospitals and laboratories by providing an LED light source in place of traditional mercury or metal halide systems. Economical, reliable and affordable, the pE-100 sets a new standard for excellence and ease of use for fluorescence microscopy illuminators. Replacing a standard mercury system with a CoolLED pE-100 illuminator can save a user thousands of dollars while reducing the hazardous effects of mercury in the environment.


CooLED pE-200/pE-300

The new CoolLED pE-200 & pE-300 are compact units which can fit directly to a microscope or be connected by light-guide or fiber. With fixed combinations of either 2 or 3 wavelengths, they are ideal for clinical applications and will replace the 2x pE-100 Combined option, which is currently available. With the wavelength combinations available, these new products are also perfect for replacing the mercury bulb in confocal microscopy.This next generation of pE-series units will offer even greate intensity, convenience, and value. With instant on/off, very long lifetime, and no mercury, LEDs continue to be an obvio choice when selecting a light source for fluorecence microscopy.