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CaptaVision+™ Software for Excelis™ Cameras

CaptaVision+ software interface

CaptaVision+™ (or CaptaVision Plus™) is our powerful software package, exclusively developed to integrate with our Excelis™ line of microscope cameras. Featuring a logical workflow, CaptaVision+ provides for precise camera control, image acquisition, image management, image processing, measuring and counting. CaptaVision+ is included with all of our Excelis cameras, and can be downloaded from the Support section of our website.

Users can customize their interface within the CaptaVision+ application, streamlining the application for their personal need. Turn features on or off, and arrange the menus to follow YOUR workflow, maximizing the efficiency and efficacy of your imaging work, generating results faster and with greater confidence than ever before.

CaptaVision+ is compatible with both Windows (PC) and Macintosh (Mac OS) computers with USB (USB 3.0 highly recommended) ports for camera connection. Beginning with serial numbers 19xxxx, all of our Excelis cameras can be controlled using CaptaVision+ for Windows PC. Please refer to our software downloads page for details about software version compatibility with camera models and serial numbers, and computer operating systems (esp. Macintosh).

The latest version of CaptaVision+ software and software manual can be downloaded HERE.

Please consult with your authorized ACCU-SCOPE dealer for assistance with operating CaptaVision+.


9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)