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ioLight Digital Microscopes

ACCU-SCOPE is pleased to offer the ioLight range of portable digital microscopes. The 1mm and 2mm models (named for their field of view) are highly robust, compact and rechargeable for maximum transportability and convenience.  They create their own WiFi signal and connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer, and operate via the mobile app or a browser.  Capture still images and video with the 5MP camera.  Slide the camera up or down on the mast to focus, then use the fine focus slider in the app to fine tune the focus.  Share images or video instantly via email or SMS from your mobile device.  Each microscope includes variable transmitted (bottom) and incident/reflected (top) illumination.  Add an optional carry case for field excursions.

Don't take our word for it.  Here's what our customers are saying about the ioLight portable digital microscopes.

“When comparing images side-by-side to those taken with my traditional microscope/camera set-up in our laboratory, the images stand up very well, for much less money!”
--Dr. Rod Getchell, Aquatic Animal Health Program, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University

“The ioLight portable microscope makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Who wants to have cables all over the place when you can have portability and instant images instead?”
--Dr. Elliott Simpson, Veterinary Surgeon

“Working in remote and harsh locations such as the Kazakh Steppe or the Indian Trans-Himalayas means doing fieldwork many kilometers away from basic necessities and comfort. It is a logistical nightmare to store and safely transport samples, frequently resulting in their contamination or loss. Often it is difficult to obtain permits to transport samples out of the study area. In such cases having a portable microscope enables in-field analysis of samples, improving efficiency and ease of robust science.”
--Dr. Munib Khanyari, University of Bristol

“When working in extreme weather conditions samples can perish quickly. I have found having a portable microscope with image capture really useful to get a second opinion. It also came in handy when our main laboratory microscope fell apart as soon as we arrived at our camp in Kazakhstan after several bumpy days on the road to reach the site!”
--Hannah Vineer, University of Bristol

Coming soon: fluorescence and inverted microscope models!

ioLight Digital Microscopes

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5 Item(s)