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Microscopy is known for its wide range of applications not just in scientific research, but in education, quality control, and more. From medical research, to mineralogy, to forensic science comparisons, scientists and researchers use microscopy in the development of essential products that play a role in all of our lives. ACCU-SCOPE has a long-maintained tradition of manufacturing the highest quality microscopes for a wide range of uses, as well as professional-grade microscope optics and accessories. From biological and amoeba microscopes to blood and cell microscopes, at ACCU-SCOPE, we have the right microscope for your specific application.

If you don’t see your application here, please visit our sister company at UNITRON microscope applications for research, industrial, metallurgy, personal hobbies, and more.


Microscopes are found in nearly every clinical laboratory, and they play a major role in medical research and disease diagnosis. Hospitals, blood banks, and laboratories use microscopes for crucial work such as studying samples of human and animal tissues for abnormalities. They are also important for educating the next generation of doctors and clinicians. ACCU-SCOPE features a variety of upright microscopes that are ideal for clinical and veterinary applications.  Our new RC500 Remote Collaboration System was specifically developed to address the needs of hospitals and clinical laboratories for live, real-time telepathology applications.


Microscopes are used all throughout the world for education. From forensic science to zoology, teachers in all fields utilize microscopy to explore, demonstrate and educate. These instruments need to be tough enough to endure daily use in the classroom, and be lightweight and compact enough for easy storage.

ACCU-SCOPE manufactures affordable, quality-controlled microscopy and digital imaging solutions for the full spectrum of educational applications. No matter what you teach, ACCU-SCOPE has the perfect upright, monocular, or stereo microscope for your needs and budget.

Cell Culture

Cell culturing is the generation, growth and maintenance of living cell specimens for study of life’s processes. Cells provide insight into biological systems, and offer us important insight into how cells and proteins operate on a microscopic level. Our inverted microscopes are an ideal tool for the imaging and studying of live samples like cell or tissue cultures. ACCU-SCOPE offers several inverted microscopes to suit your needs.


Microscopes are heavily used by technicians and researchers across all fields. At ACCU-SCOPE, we offer microscopes specially suited for the full range of research settings. Our microscopes employ brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, emboss contrast, fluorescence and DIC contrast methods. From upright scopes that are perfect for observing specimens on glass slides to inverted style microscopes for cells, live organisms, and specialty techniques such as microinjection, we have a selection of instruments for all types of scientific research.


Microscopy is a critical tool in reproductive science and the study of developmental biology. ACCU-SCOPE offers a variety of specialized microscopes, diascopic stands and accessories that provide high contrast and resolution for applications in research, IVF, ICSI and other assisted reproductive techniques.

Environmental Science

The field of environment science combines different aspects of biology, geology, mineralogy, ecology, chemistry, physics and other sciences. Biological microscopes are used to explore how the organisms of our planet work internally and how they operate with one another. ACCU-SCOPE has instruments with the versatility required to meet the varying demands and challenges of environmental science. We have microscopes and microscope optics and accessories to fit the needs of both field study and laboratory work. For instructional or documentary purposes, we have digital camera attachments to fit our full range of instruments.


Microscopes are used by companies across all industries to inspect products and materials for quality. Proper quality control ensures that the products we are using are safe and effective. ACCU-SCOPE has instruments for industrial measuring, inspection, documentation, and a range of other commercial applications. Our customers rely on the performance of our instruments, including companies in the aerospace, automotive, and medical supply industries.


One of the most commonly used educational applications of microscopy is in animal dissection. Our stereo microscopes are ideal for the anatomical study of small animals. Stereoscopic view features allow you to examine your specimen in three dimensions with high resolution. ACCU-SCOPE produces dissecting microscopes in a wide range of configurations to meet the varying needs of our customers.

Gemology & Jewelry 

When you are inspecting gems for quality or authenticity and creating fine jewelry, large sums of money can hang in the balance. Having the right instrument can make all the difference in high stakes settings like this. ACCU-SCOPE has stereo microscopes with the right contrast, magnification, and illumination options for jewelers and gemologists.


Hobbyists of all types use microscopes to examine their samples or findings for authenticity. If you are a stamp, art, or coin collector, you understand how important having a high quality instrument is for properly understanding your sample. 

Microscopes have numerous applications for both professionals and hobbyists alike. To learn more about different types of microscopes and to determine which model would best suit your needs, contact us today.