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ACCU-fluor LED Double Channel Fluorescence Illuminator, Blue and Yellow Excitation

Catalog #:3231-BY

Quick Overview


  • Easy upgrade to new and existing upright microscopes. Just specify your microscope manufacturer and model.
  • Costs thousands less than traditional illuminators with filter cubes and external light sources.
  • Built-in LEDs provide compact footprint. Saves precious bench space!
  • Mercury free!
  • Set LED intensity by individual channel. On multi-channel units, unit remembers LED intensity between channel changes.
  • Blue, Yellow and Open/Brightfield positions. No UV shield included.
  • Filter specifications:
    • Blue channel: EX: 475/40nm; BS: 500nm; EM: 535/45nm
    • Yellow channel: EX: 560/40nm; BS: 600nm; EM: 610nmLP
  • Recommended fluorophores:
    • Bue channel: GFP / FITC / EGFP / Malaria diagnostic / Alexa 488 / Cy2 / Fluo-4 / Fluoro-Jade
    • Yellow channel: mCherry / Texas Red / AlexaFluor 594
  • Power Adapter:
    • Input power: 100-240V~0.8A, 50~60Hz
    • Output power: 12V, 2A