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Mechanical Stage

Catalog #:410-3213

Quick Overview


  • Mechanical stage for EXI-410 series inverted microscopes
  • Attaches to the plain fixed stage
  • Right handed coaxial stage controls with adjustable tension
  • Precise rack and pinion operation
  • X-Y movement range: 128mm x 80mm
  • Included auxiliary stage extension widens the stage surface area by 70mm
  • Capable of holding multiwell plates without additional accessories
  • Accessory holders available for Ø35mm petri dish (CAT # 410-35PD), Ø54mm glass slides (CAT # 410-54SGH), Ø60mm Petri dish and glass slide (CAT # 410-60PD), Ø90mm Petri dish (CAT # 410-90PD), Terasaki plate and Ø60mm Petri dish (CAT # 410-TH) and Universal holder (CAT # 410-UH)