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ACCU-SCOPE Confirms NDAA Compliance of Imaging Devices

Commack, NY, USA [August 2022] – ACCU-SCOPE is pleased to announce that all our microscopy cameras and imaging systems are fully compliant with Section 889 of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 (Sec.889, NDAA 2019) and do not contain any parts or components from prohibited companies as outlined in the NDAA.

NDAA Summary

The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 was signed into law on August 13, 2018. The law, specifically Section 889, amongst other things prohibits federal agencies, their contractors, and grant or loan recipients from procuring or using “telecommunications and video surveillance equipment or services” from specific prohibited companies as a “substantial or essential component of any system, or as critical technology as part of any system.”  The prohibited companies include Huawei Technologies Company or ZTE Corporation, Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, and Dahua Technology Company; and their affiliated entities.

Catalog numberDescription
AU-300-EP(discontinued) ACCU-CAM 300 3MP eyepiece camera
AU-500-EPACCU-CAM 500 5MP eyepiece camera
AU-300-HDExcelis HD Lite color microscopy camera
AU-300-HDSExcelis HD Lite color microscopy camera, with 11.6” monitor
AU-600-HDExcelis HD color microscopy camera
AU-600-HDSExcelis HD color microscopy camera, with 11.6” monitor
AU-800-4KExcelis 4K color microscopy camera
AU-EC50EC50 5.1MP color microscopy camera
AU-5C-CMOSMPX-5C Pro 5MP color microscopy camera
AU-6C-CMOSMPX-6C 6MP color microscopy camera
AU-20C-CMOSMPX-20C 20MP color microscopy camera
AU-20RC-CMOSMPX-20RC 20MP color microscopy camera, cooled
AU-200-HD(discontinued) INFINITYHD color HD microscopy camera
AU-200-CMOSINFINITY1-2CB 2MP color microscopy camera
AU-310-CMOSINFINITY1-3C 3.1MP color microscopy camera
AU-500-CMOSINFINITY1-5C 5MP color microscopy camera
AU-140RC-CCDINFINITY2-1RC 1.4MP color microscopy camera
AU-140RM-CCDINFINITY2-1RM 1.4MP monochrome microscopy camera
AU-200-CCDINFINITY2-2C 2MP color microscopy camera
AU-200M-CCDINFINITY2-2M 2MP monochrome microscopy camera
AU-330-CCDINFINITY2-3C 3.3MP color microscopy camera
AU-500-CCDINFINITY2-5C 5MP color microscopy camera
AU-140CL-CCDINFINITY3-1C 1.4MP color microscopy camera, cooled
AU-140CLM-CCDINFINITY3-1M 1.4MP monochrome microscopy camera, cooled
AU-140URC-CCDINFINITY3-1URC 1.4MP color microscopy camera
AU-140URM-CCDINFINITY3-1URM 1.4MP monochrome microscopy camera
AU-141SURC-CCDINFINITY3S-1URC 1.4MP color microscopy camera
AU-141SURM-CCDINFINITY3S-1URM 1.4MP monochrome microscopy camera
AU-280C-CCDINFINITY3-3URC 2.8MP color microscopy camera
AU-280M-CCDINFINITY3-3URM 2.8MP monochrome microscopy camera
AU-600URC-CCDINFINITY3-6URC 6MP color microscopy camera
AU-600URM-CCDINFINITY3-6URM 6MP monochrome microscopy camera
AU-320C-CMOSINFINITY5-3C 3.2MP color microscopy camera with HDMI out
AU-320M-CMOSINFINITY5-3M 3.2MP monochrome microscopy camera with HDMI out
AU-510C-CMOSINFINITY5-5C 5.1MP color microscopy camera with HDMI out
AU-510M-CMOSINFINITY5-5M 5.1MP monochrome microscopy camera with HDMI out
I8-LM00-02MINFINITY i8 2MP monochrome microscopy camera
I8-LC00-08MINFINITY i8 8MP color microscopy camera
I8-LM00-08MINFINITY i8 8MP monochrome microscopy camera
I8-LC00-20MINFINITY i8 20MP color microscopy camera
AT-MOMENT-MONOMoment Monochrome microscopy camera


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