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ACCU-SCOPE Inc. Introduces the EXI-410 Inverted Microscope

[November 2019]  ACCU-SCOPE Inc. is pleased to introduce the EXI-410 inverted microscope.  The latest in ACCU-SCOPE’s growing portfolio of microscopy solutions for life science education and research, the EXI-410 is perfectly suited for a broad range of observation and imaging applications and is especially capable for use in tissue culture facilities.

The EXI-410 is available with a variety of contrast methods for observing living and fixed specimens including phase contrast, brightfield, fluorescence and emboss contrast.  The optional mechanical stage and stage inserts offer convenience to the operator for viewing specimens in an assortment of tissue culture vessels and traditional slides.  The fluorescence model is available with up to three built-in LED modules and filter cubes to accommodate the most common fluorophores (DAPI, GFP/FITC, RFP/TRITC, Texas Red and Cy5).  With the optional camera adapter, Excelis HDS high-definition camera, HD monitor and monitor mount, operators can readily see their specimen on the large 11.6” display -- an ideal solution for working in a tissue culture hood or biological cabinet!

Visit the EXI-410 webpage to find your model and to learn more: https://accu-scope.com/accuscope-microscopes/by-series/exi-410.html

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