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ACCU-SCOPE Introduces ioLight Portable Digital Microscopes

Commack, NY – ACCU-SCOPE Inc. is please to introduce the line of ioLight portable digital microscopes to its portfolio.  Developed by ioLight Limited (UK), ioLight microscopes are designed for maximum portability and functionality in field work, the classroom and the laboratory.  The agreement with ioLight makes ACCU-SCOPE a master distributor of ioLight microscopes in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, extending distribution through ACCU-SCOPE’s extensive dealer network.

ioLight microscopes are currently available in 1mm and 2mm field of view (FOV) models, without or with a microscope slide XY stage to aide in slide positioning.  Equipped with top and bottom illumination, the user focuses on the specimen simply by sliding the camera head down the mast.  Fine focusing, illumination intensity and camera control are conducted from within the ioLight app on a smartphone or via a browser on any computer (Windows, MacOS or Chromebooks).  Snap an image or record a quick video and share it instantly via email or SMS.  The microscopes fold flat for storage and maximum transportability.

The size, convenience and performance of ioLight portable microscopes make them ideal for field studies where decisions can be made on the spot, eliminating the need to send samples to a lab and thereby saving scientists both time and money.  One very popular application is monitoring the nation’s waterways, lakes and oceans for harmful algal blooms (HABs).  HABs impact every state in the US and can cost the US economy tens of millions of dollars each year.  Field-based monitoring puts experts on location with the equipment they need to make rapid decisions and share their findings with colleagues and peers.  Read about NOAA’s $18.9M grant program for HAB research and monitoring: https://www.noaa.gov/news-release/noaa-awards-189m-for-harmful-algal-bloom-research-monitoring

Coming soon are improved and enhanced ioLight products including an updated inverted microscope (for observing samples in flasks or Petri dishes, such as cells in culture in incubators), and models of the 1mm, 2mm and inverted equipped for fluorescence microscopy and imaging.  Visit ACCU-SCOPE to learn more about the ioLight portfolio of portable digital microscopes: https://accu-scope.com/accuscope-microscopes/microscopes/iolight-digital-microscopes.html



As a market leader in quality microscopy and imaging solutions, ACCU-SCOPE blends precision, performance and outstanding value like no other manufacturer can. We deliver superb yet affordable optical instrumentation and microscopy innovations that help advance the work, improve the outcomes and empower the achievements of the demanding professionals we’re privileged to serve. For more information, please contact info@accu-scope.com.