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Introducing CaptaVision+ v2.1 for Excelis™ Cameras

[November 2019] ACCU-SCOPE is pleased to introduce CaptaVision+ v2.1 for its line of Excelis cameras. With this latest update to CaptaVision+, all current models of Excelis cameras can be operated with the same version of software. Although only available now for Windows PC, a Mac-version will be released in the coming weeks.

CaptaVision+ v2.1 is compatible with Excelis HD and HDS cameras (AU-600-HD, AU-600-HDS), Excelis HD Lite and HDS lite cameras (AU-300-HD, AU-300-HDS), and Excelis MPX series cameras (AU-5C-CMOS, AU-6C-CMOS, AU-20C-CMOS). CaptaVision+ v2.1 is not compatible with the discontinued MPX-16C camera (AU-16C-CMOS). Importantly, CaptaVision+ v2.1 is only compatible with cameras having serial numbers beginning with "19xxxxx".

New features found only in CaptaVision+ v2.1 include binning (supported only by MPX series cameras), presets for Biology or Industry modes, and area white balance (for Industry mode only). Other popular features include LIVE Extended Depth of Field, LIVE Image Stitching, and measurements on the live image.

CaptaVision v5.1 is still available and compatible with ALL Excelis camera models, including the MPX-16C. CaptaVision+ v2.0 is also still available, and is compatible with Excelis HD and HDS cameras and Excelis MPX series cameras -- v2.0 does not support the Excelis HD Lite and HDS Lite cameras.

Software and manuals are available for download from ACCU-SCOPE's Software & Updates page at https://accu-scope.com/support/software-updates .

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