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Introducing the New INFINITY8 Microscopy Cameras from Teledyne Lumenera

[July 2021] -- ACCU-SCOPE Inc. is pleased to introduce the new INFINITY8 Series of microscopy cameras from Teledyne Lumenera spearheaded by the latest Sony® Pregius™ Gen3 CMOS sensors.  These introductions address the market demands for high-performing and budget-friendly solutions for fluorescence and general imaging applications.

INFINITY8-2 2 Megapixel USB3 Microscope Camera

The INFINITY8-2M is the new go-to microscopy camera for routine fluorescence imaging on a tight budget. With huge light-gathering pixels, large field of view, and low noise characteristics, this camera enables labs to have a dedicated monochrome camera for low-light imaging requirements.

INFINITY8-8 8.3 Megapixel USB3 Microscope Camera

The new INFINITY8-8 camera is designed to reproduce what your eye sees in the eyepiece, complete with the intuitive Infinity Analyze 7 software package all for a price that will fit even within the tightest budgets. Stream live videos or capture still images and share with ease. Available in color or monochrome, this is a great all-around camera for life science and industrial applications.

INFINITY8-20 20 Megapixel Color USB3 Microscope Camera

The ultra-high-resolution INFINITY8-20C microscopy camera features a large Field of View, and is optimized for fast sample focusing to capture every detail even with low magnification. The INFINITY8-20 is a great choice for biological and material industrial samples.

Learn more about the new INFINITY8 cameras and the entire line of Teledyne Lumenera microscopy cameras at https://accu-scope.com/accuscope-microscopes/digital-imaging/lumenera-cameras.html