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NEW Plan APO Objectives from ACCU-SCOPE

Commack, NY, USA [April 2023] – ACCU-SCOPE is pleased to introduce a line of Apochromatically-corrected (“APO”) objectives for upright (compound) and inverted microscopes.  The APO objectives complement the existing line of high-quality Plan Achromat and Plan Semi-Apochromatic objectives.

The new APO objectives were designed for the EXC-500 microscope – ACCU-SCOPE’s flagship clinical and biological upright microscope – the new APO lenses are also suitable for use on ACCU-SCOPE’s EXI-410 and EXI-600 inverted microscopes, provided the sample slides use a standard No. 1½ coverglass (0.17mm thickness).  Featuring higher Numerical Apertures and improved color correction than the Semi-Apochromatic or Achromat objectives, APO objectives deliver brighter images, shallower depth of field and higher resolution for improved observation of fine details.  APO objectives are ideal for brightfield observation, imaging and fluorescence applications, or where the highest color fidelity is desired.  The M25 thread size and 200mm tube length also allow these objectives to be used on most Nikon upright microscopes.

Learn more about each objective here: https://accu-scope.com/optics-accessories/accessory-categories/objectives.html, or contact us at info@accu-scope.com.



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