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Our microscopes are available exclusively through a nationwide network of authorized distributors. Please contact us for the name of your local, authorized distributor.

ACCU-SCOPE was incorporated in 1990, but can trace its roots back to the early 1920s. The owners of the company have been consistently involved with ACCU-SCOPE and its preceding company Bristoline since 1961. We are now proudly entering our third generation of family ownership.

Using the Microscope Bulb Replacement Guide, please find the appropriate catalog number and specifications for the bulb you need. Replacement bulbs can be purchased from the distributor from whom you purchased your microscope. Or, for the name and phone number of a local distributor in your area, call us at 631-864-1000. Most of the bulbs used in microscopes are specialty bulbs, and are typically not available at local lighting or hardware stores.

A compound microscope provides a single optical path divided at the observation tube to give the same image to both the left and right eye. A compound microscope is used to look at specimens under very high magnification (40x – 1000x or greater). Typical specimens would be bacteria, animal or plant cells, blood counts and chromosomes.

A stereo microscope, which is also referred to as a zoom stereo or dissecting microscope has two different optical paths, or axes, which are offset from one another. The two independent optical systems allows for the depth perception and three-dimensional view that is created by a stereo microscope. Stereo microscopes are offered at fixed magnifications (i.e. 1x and 3x or 2x and 4x) or they can be in a continuous zoom (zoom stereo) and offer a range of magnifications (0.7x thru 4.5x). Stereo microscopes are often used to inspect electronic components, minerals, jewelry, coins, textiles, insects and animal dissections.

Please follow the instructions as outlined on our Cleaning Instructions.

Please call our Customer Service Department at 631-864-1000 to request a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#). Using our Return Merchandise Authorization form, please complete all required information and enclose this form with the microscope you are returning for repair. Then following the instructions in our Shipping Instructions, carefully package your microscope for return to us.

ACCU-SCOPE has a nationwide network of authorized sales and service dealers that we will recommend upon request. These authorized service dealers will perform preventive maintenance and/or repairs to your microscope on-site or at their facility. Charges for these services are at the sole discretion of the company’s providing these services. Please call us at 631-864-1000 for a authorized service dealer near you.

Manuals for ACCU-SCOPE microscopes are shipped with your microscope. Should you need a replacement copy, please contact your authorized dealer, or click here for a list of manuals available for downloading right to your computer.

ACCU-SCOPE’s microscopes are available exclusively through our nationwide network of authorized distributors. As such microscopes for bid evaluation or demonstration can be arranged through your local distributor.

While many companies talk about quality and value, these ideals are the foundation on which our company has been built for over 60 years. From personal inspections and audits of the factories that build our products, to the individual testing of each microscope at our New York facility, to the endless parts support we offer, ACCU-SCOPE provides a level of quality and value that is unsurpassed in the marketplace.

Our knowledgeable staff is qualified and willing to assist you in your selection and purchase of a microscope. We offer the only 5 year electrical warranty in the industry and can still repair/replace microscopes we manufactured as far back as the early 1960’s.