3072 Stereo Microscope Series

Classroom Performance Defined by Sharp, Crisp Optics

Advanced, modular design incorporating many professional features the 3072 Stereo Microscope Series is ideal for classrooms, light industrial applications and hobbyists. A long working distance, enhanced illumination and eyepieces providing a large field of view make these microscopes a great choice for classroom dissections and industrial inspections.

3072 microscope series
3072 microscope series Conveniently located side- mounted control knobs can change objective magnification quickly and easily.3072 microscope series An optional cord hanger can be installed on LED stand configurations for easy and convenient storage.3069 microscope series Eyepieces are supplied with roll down eyeguards and are locked-in to prevent tampering.

Sturdy, Rugged Design

Designed for years of heavy use, the 3072 Stereo Microscope Series is built on a solid, cast alloy aluminum frame.  Utilizing advanced design techniques, the 3072's assembly is airtight and features an anti-mold design preventing contamination from dust, water, oils or other particles leading to cost savings in maintenance.

Optical Excellence

Precise optical alignment guarantees an upright, unreversed three-dimensional image that offers unsurpassed clarity for classroom dissection work as well as light industrial inspections.

Energy Saving

Featured on our E-LED stand, the 3072 Series provides maximum brightness while consuming minimal electric.