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Optics & Accessories for Microscopes 

ACCU-SCOPE instruments are professional-grade pieces of equipment that can be used for various fields, including education, industrial inspection, and clinical research. Our microscope optics and accessories are manufactured to meet or exceed our rigorous standards. All of the equipment made by ACCU-SCOPE is designed and inspected in the United States to ensure maximum quality. Our accessories are highly versatile and can meet the demands of a range of applications in different industries. At ACCU-SCOPE, we design our microscope accessories with the needs of modern scientists, researchers, and technicians in mind. ACCU-SCOPE systems are ergonomically designed and have numerous magnification options. We offer all of the following accessories to replace parts or enhance your microscope:

  • Objective lenses:
    • High power
    • Medium power
    • Low power
    • Oil immersion
    • Scanning objectives
  • Arms
  • Stands
  • Eyepieces and eyeguards
  • Illumination
  • Other accessories for storage and ease of use

Illumination Accessories 

The right illumination tools can be beneficial when observing your specimen or presenting your findings to others. At ACCU-SCOPE, we stock LED and fluorescent lighting solutions in different shapes and configurations. Our LED ring lights can keep your stage consistently well-lit so that you don’t miss any details of your specimen. We also have highly flexible gooseneck style lamps with variable brightness and LED bulbs for long battery life. Whether you are working with a high, medium, or low power objective lens, variable brightness means you can always view your specimen clearly.


Keeping your microscope supported by the right stand is crucial for ensuring its functionality. At ACCU-SCOPE, we offer different types of microscope arms and stands in a range of sizes and specialties. We have illuminated and non-illuminated options for microscope stands in different sizes and applications. Diascopic stands are perfect if you frequently use your microscope to look at transparent or colorless specimens that can be difficult to see such as organoids, cell culture, amphibian eggs and nematodes (C. elegans). If you are examining mineral samples or gemstones, we have specialized gemological microscope stands to fit your samples and your research.

Optics and Objectives 

Regardless of what applications you use your microscope for, the objective lens is undoubtedly a crucial component. The objective lens is responsible for the clarity and resolution with which you can view your specimen. ACCU-SCOPE manufactures achromatic, plan phase, plan fluorite objective lenses and more that can fit microscopes for various applications. Our objectives are available in a range of styles and magnification levels from the standard 10x up to 30x for specialty needs. Our microscope eyepieces range in width from 8mm up to 24mm. We have low, medium, and high power magnification lenses as well as more specialized oil immersion and scanning objectives. ACCU-SCOPE also carries a selection of rubber eye guards designed to fit our full range of different lens sizes.

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We regularly work with customers in different fields, each of which has exacting specifications to give them the best view of their specimens. When image clarity and quality are of the utmost importance, turn to ACCU-SCOPE for premier microscope parts and accessories. Contact us today to learn more about which microscope or parts are best suited for your individual needs.


Optics & Accessories

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