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Excelis™ Cameras

Buy Excelis™ Microscope Cameras

ACCU-SCOPE is proud to offer our Excelis line of cameras for microscopy.  Designed to address a wide variety of needs for researchers, clinicians, scientists, instructors, technicians and students, we have an Excelis camera to fit your application.  All of the Excelis cameras can be operated with our CaptaVision software, a comprehensive suite of camera controls, image processing and measurement tools.

Excelis HDMI Series

The Excelis HDMI series delivers true LIVE HD viewing with the convenience of built-in/on-board software, so no PC is required.  Choose an HDS model to include an HD monitor designed to be mounted to the camera itself.  The HD Lite models do not offer camera calibration and measurement in the on-board software.  The NEW Excelis 4K delivers a true UHD 4K experience, with outstanding color reproduction and fast live video.  All Excelis HD cameras can be operated with CaptaVision software with its full suite of features.  It's no wonder that the HD series is our best selling camera.

Excelis MPX Series

For the descriminating microscopist, the MPX series offers higher performance in a compact package.  The MPX-5C Pro CMOS camera delivers high quality 5MP images that rival images from much higher priced CCD cameras.  The MPX-20C CMOS delivers crisp, high-resolution 20MP images, and the MPX-6C generates impressive 6MP images.  The new MPX-20RC is the ideal choice for low light-level applications such as fluorescence -- with cooling technology built in, the MPX-20RC generates images with high resolution, high senstivity and low noise.  All MPX series cameras are controlled using CaptaVision+ for either PC or Mac OS.

CaptaVision+ Imaging Software

All of our Excelis cameras come with our full-featured CaptaVision+ software (available for PC and Mac) for precise camera control, image adjustment, measurements, and reporting. Learn more about CaptaVision+ HERE.

Excelis™ Cameras

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)