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Excelis™ Cameras

Excelis™ Microscope Cameras

ACCU-SCOPE is proud to offer our Excelis™ line of cameras for microscopy. Designed to address a wide variety of needs for researchers, clinicians, scientists, instructors, technicians, and students, our microscope cameras will deliver superior performance and crisp images. All of the Excelis™ cameras can be operated with our CaptaVision+ software — a comprehensive suite of camera controls, image processing, and measurement tools.

When it’s time to buy a microscope camera, choose the company with decades of experience producing reliable products and responsive customer service. Our team is always ready to serve you when you have questions or requests.

Excelis™ Products We Carry

For several decades, we have been producing the best microscope cameras in the industry. If you need a 4K microscope camera or an HD camera, our specialists can help you find the model that is ideal for your application.

Excelis™ HDMI Series

The Excelis™ HDMI series delivers live HD viewing with the convenience of built-in/on-board software. Because of this feature, a PC is not required to observe the specimen under the microscope.

The HDMI series features three different camera options:

    • An HDS model includes an HD monitor designed to be mounted to the camera itself.
    • The HD Lite models do not offer camera calibration and measurement in the on-board software.
    • The new 4K microscope camera delivers a true UHD 4K experience, with outstanding color reproduction and fast live video.

All Excelis™ HD microscope cameras can be operated with both built-in software and CaptaVision+ software with its full suite of features. It's no wonder that the HD series is our best-selling camera.

Excelis™ USB Cameras (MPX Series)

The MPX series offers higher performance in a compact package, perfect for the discriminating microscopist. The MPX series features a range of 5, 6, and 20-megapixel microscope cameras, including:

    • The MPX-5C Pro CMOS camera delivers high-quality 5MP images that rival images from much higher-priced CCD cameras.
    • The MPX-20C CMOS delivers crisp, high-resolution 20MP images.
    • The MPX-6C generates impressive 6MP images.
    • The new MPX-20RC is ideal for low light-level applications, such as fluorescence. With cooling technology built in, the MPX-20RC generates images with high resolution, high sensitivity, and low noise.

All MPX series microscopy cameras are controlled using CaptaVision+ for either PC or Mac OS.

CaptaVision+ Imaging Software

NEW!  Voice Recording available in CaptaVision+ v2.4.1!

All of our Excelis™ cameras come with our full-featured CaptaVision+ software (available for PC and Mac) for precise camera control, image adjustment, measurements, and reporting. Learn more about CaptaVision+ HERE.

What Is a Microscope Camera?

Microscopy cameras are high-definition digital cameras that make it possible to view specimens under the microscope on a monitor rather than through eyepieces. The best microscope camera offers greater magnification abilities than the standard laboratory microscope and is ideal for a variety of applications, including medicine, biology, material sciences, forensics, and education.

How Does a Microscope Camera Work?

Microscope cameras can be attached to dedicated optical ports or even a microscope’s eye tube to allow the scientist or technician to capture an image or video of the sample being observed. If the camera is fitted to a trinocular viewing head, the analyst can often view the specimen through the eyepieces while the camera is used. However, if the camera is attached to a monocular or binocular microscope (via an eyetube), a computer and monitor will be needed to observe the sample through the camera. Whether you purchase a 5, 6, or a 20-megapixel camera, you will be able to easily save the images to a PC or Mac for storage or editing.

Once the digital camera is attached to the microscope and turned on, a visual representation of your sample passes through the microscope lens to the camera sensor. That information is then displayed on the monitor.

How to Choose a Microscope Camera

When deciding which microscope cameras will best serve your needs, you should consider the different features that affect the quality of the cameras’ imaging. These factors include:

  • Pixel Size: Bigger is not always better. This is often true for digital cameras used for microscopy. Cameras with a smaller pixel size often reveal finer details and a better resolution.
  • Resolution: The resolution of a digital camera is often defined by the number of megapixels in a single inch of the system. The resolution that is right for your application will depend on a number of factors, but typically models with greater megapixels, such as a 20-megapixel microscope camera, are best suited for lower magnifications and industrial samples.
  • Frame Rate: This ratio describes the number of frames a camera captures in a single second. This rate can be adjusted up to a specific limit.
  • Quantum Efficiency: This number refers to how many photons of light were converted to charge. Quantum efficiency plays an important role in a camera’s sensitivity.
  • Color Reproduction: The sensors in digital microscope cameras come with various features to help capture and reproduce the colors of the specimen. Some of these features include white balance, multi-axis color adjustment, and color spacing and matching.

Can a Camera Be Added to Any Microscope?

Digital microscope cameras work well with microscopes designed with camera ports (also known as trinocular ports). However, all hope is not lost if you do not have a trinocular viewing head on your microscope. You can still mount a camera to your monocular or binocular microscope using an eyepiece adapter. Simply connect the 4K or HD microscope camera to the adapter and slide the adapter into an eyetube in place of an eyepiece. Now, you have a fully operable digital microscope!

Buy a High-Quality Microscope Camera Today

ACCU-SCOPE provides a wide selection of microscopy cameras with varying resolutions and prices. From 5-megapixel microscope cameras to 20-megapixel cameras, you can find a product that streamlines your work. With these devices, you can observe specimens and share results with colleagues or students seamlessly. If you’re interested in experiencing the power of our technology yourself, contact us today to buy microscopes, microscope accessories, and digital microscope cameras.

Excelis™ Cameras

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)