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SKYE-WiFi™ 3 Camera

Catalog #:AU-SKYE-WIFI3

Quick Overview


  • NEW and improved WiFi connectivity and 4K video recording!
  • Runs on Windows PC, Android and Apple (iOS)
  • SKYE WiFi 3 cameras are only compatible with SKYE View 3 apps for PC, Android and Apple devices. Download SKYE View 3 PC software and mobile apps by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Download the mobile apps on Google Play and Apple App Store.  SKYE View 3 software and apps are compatible with earlier SKYE WiFi cameras (SKYE WiFi and SKYE WiFi 2).
  • 12 MP SONY IMX412 Color CMOS sensor
  • Built-in 5GHz WiFi adapter, IEEE802.11ac protocol
  • Switchable WiFi/USB/Ethernet data connection
  • Capture images and view them with SKYE View 3 mobile app
  • View live images at 30 frames per second (at full frame 4000px x 3000px)
  • Record full 4K video!
  • 1/2.3" camera sensor format -- 0.5x C-mount adapter recommended
  • Connect up to 13 mobile devices simultaneously to a single SKYE WiFi 3 camera! (up to 3 cameras can operate simultaneously in a classroom environment or over local area network)
  • Advanced camera control, image analysis, annotation, measurement, etc. with SKYE View 3 Windows PC software (Included)
  • Capture still images and video
  • Please review the brochure for Windows PC, Macintosh, Apple (iOS) and Android system requirements
  • NOTE: SKYE WiFi 3 camera is only compatible with SKYE View 3 PC and mobile apps. It is not backward compatible with earlier versions of SKYE View apps.

The SKYE WiFi™ 3 camera brings researchers and educators a new level of convenience and flexibility across a broad range of microscopy imaging applications for documentation, analysis, education and collaboration.

New with the SKYE WiFi 3 is WiFi, USB and Ethernet (LAN) connectivity.  Refer to the connectivity chart below for an overview of your connection possibilities. 

The new HDMI port allows viewing live images on a larger monitor while controlling the camera with a mobile device.  Great for instruction, education and training!

Creating its own WiFi network together with a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, the SKYE WiFi camera streams live images at 30 frames per second. The user controls the camera with a WiFi-connected device, while the images can be simultaneously viewed on up to 13 WiFi-connected devices. The SKYE WiFi camera also features a USB mode for image acquisition and viewing through a PC using the included SKYE View™ software.

Upgrade almost any brand of microscope by attaching the SKYE WiFi 3 camera with an industry-standard c-mount adapter, and the 5-megapixel camera sensor will deliver brilliant images with amazing resolution and detail. The SKYE WiFi 3 camera creates a new level of versatility for microscopy imaging for the laboratory and classroom.

Connectivity Diagram

Connections for SKYE WiFi 3 camera

Camera Specifications

Sensor 1/2.3" SONY IMX412 color CMOS, 1.55µm pixels
Dynamic/Static Resolution 12MP, 4000 x 3000
Frame Rate (USB mode and WiFi mode) 30fps @ 4000 x 3000
Image Capture Photo storage on mobile device (Android or iOS) via WiFi or to PC via WiFi or USB2.0
Exposure 10μs - 33ms; Automatic and Manual
White Balance Real-time Auto, Single Auto, and Manual adjustment
Other Settings Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Resolution, WiFi connection mode (AP Mode and AP Client mode for connecting via facility WiFi router)
Imaging Software SKYE View (mobile app for Android and iOS, PC app for Windows)
    Image Types: JPEG (only type supported on SKYE View mobile app), TIF, BMP, PNG
    Video Type: MP4
Output Mode USB2.0 (to Windows PC ONLY), WiFi (5GHz), Ethernet (LAN), HDMI
WiFi Connectivity 2.4GHz: 802.11n; 5GHz: 802.11n/ac protocol
System Requirements PC app requires Windows 10 and up (64-bit), i5 8th Gen processor or better, 32GB free disk space; 16GB memory, stand-alone graphics card (NVIDIA GPU); Mobile app requires Android 7.0 or higher or iOS 11.0 or higher, and support for WiFi IEEE802.11ac protocol
Power Supply WiFi: DC 5V 500mA Power Cord
USB: Direct-connect 5V, power by USB Cable
Lens Mount 0.5x camera adapter recommended

Download the SKYE View 3 mobile apps here:

QR code for SKYE View 3 app on Apple App Store      QR code for SKYE View 3 app on Google Play

Download the SKYE View 3 app for Windows PC HERE