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ACCU-fluor LED Fluorescence Illuminators

Our ACCU-fluor fluorescence illuminators are an easy and economical way to add fluorescence to your upright microscope.  We offer single, dual and triple channels (including UV, blue, green, yellow, red; models with UV include UV safety shield) illuminators to accommodate the most common fluorophores in use today.

ACCU-fluor illuminators costs thousands less than traditional illuminators.  Our units include built-in light sources (high intensity LEDs) and filter cubes, resulting in a small footprint and saving you significant cost over traditional illuminators, filter cubes and external light sources.

ACCU-fluor illuminators are Mercury free, and they never need alignment!

Learn more by selecting a model below, or by reviewing the Catalog Sheet.  When you order an ACCU-fluor illuminator, be sure to tell us the model of your microscope and we'll even attach the mounting dovetails for you.

Fluorescence Illuminators

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10 Item(s)