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Laboratory, Clinical and Research Microscopes  

For over 90 years, ACCU-SCOPE has earned its reputation as one of the world’s elite microscope manufacturers by producing high-quality, professional, certified and dependable microscopes for use in life science, clinical, education and industrial environments.  Technicians, scientists and professionals across all disciplines depend on ACCU-SCOPE microscopes to conduct vital research, observe specimens, and train the next generation of life scientists. 

Microscopes are critical tools for research, teaching and learning throughout scientific disciplines, and accurate results rely on quality equipment.  Upright microscopes (a.k.a. compound microscopes) are commonly used for viewing specimens on slides such as microorganisms, blood, and tissue samples.  Inverted microscopes are designed for viewing from the bottom of the specimen holder and are ideal for viewing cells in culture (e.g. tissue culture microscopes).  Stereo microscopes are often call dissecting microscopes and allow easy viewing of samples in 3 dimensions (3D) such as insects, jewelry, geological samples, and more.  Scientists, professors, clinicians and technicians all utilize microscopy to study specimens, test medications, and explore how life works on a microscopic level.  For example, a specimen is being studied to determine the effectiveness of a new vaccine, and the quality of the image needs to be high for an accurate determination of vaccine response. Lives can hang in the balance when conducting scientific research, and there is no room to compromise on quality.  Researchers depend on ACCU-SCOPE to supply trustworthy and reliable microscopes for their work. 

At ACCU-SCOPEE, we have been providing professionals and hobbyists with professional-grade laboratory, clinical, research and educational microscopes and microscope accessories.  ACCU-SCOPE carries a wide range of accessories including stands for stereo microscopes, contrast filters, and digital imaging technology including microscope cameras and camera adapters. From our wide variety of microscopes, we can help you choose the right model for your application. 

Digital Imaging Solutions  

ACCU-SCOPE’s digital imaging solutions are designed to give researchers the ability to easily capture, analyze and share the discoveries they make with their microscopes.  ACCU-SCOPE digital microscope cameras and software let researchers view and display their sample images on monitors or, in some cases, mobile devices for colleagues, peers and classmates to view. 

Life science industries like pharmaceuticals use ACCU-SCOPE microscopes to study crucial cellular processes for the discovery of new therapeutics.  Analysis of the images and documentation of the results provide evidence for what new drugs may continue the development process and which do not.  Digital imaging technologies from ACCU-SCOPE give scientists a variety of options to more easily communicate their findings, both with their colleagues, peers and the public in general.

ACCU-SCOPE is proud to offer professional-quality digital imaging solutions, most of which are compatible with microscopes from other manufacturers, too.  Our digital imaging technology delivers crystal-clear images to a PC, HD monitor or mobile device.  While some cameras have built-in software and stream live HD images, other cameras utilize included software that offers advanced features like intelligent flatfield correction, real-time stitching, and more. Our assortment of digital imaging optics and accessories include cameras and C-mount camera adapters that fit microscopes from ACCU-SCOPE and many other manufacturers.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Microscopes

If you have more questions about ACCU-SCOPE microscopes, including where to buy them and how to care for them, our FAQ may have the answers you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, including offering recommendations for your specific needs.