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Laboratory Microscope Supplier 

For over 90 years, ACCU-SCOPE has been providing certified, professional-grade laboratory microscopes and microscope accessories to scientists, clinical researchers, and technicians in all fields of study. We pride ourselves on superior design, quality control, and customer service. That’s just one of the reasons all of our microscopes and accessories are designed and tested in the United States of America. When you buy laboratory microscopes, you should feel confident the instruments will deliver reliable performance for years to come. You can have that assurance when you shop for our microscopes.

Through our worldwide manufacturing network, we are able to produce ultra-high quality optical instruments and distribute them at exceedingly reasonable prices. All of our manufacturing partners are thoroughly vetted and inspected on a regular basis, and each of our instruments is individually tested by a team of experienced technicians at our warehouse in New York to ensure the highest quality and performance. Before our products arrive at your location, they must first comply with our rigorous quality standards. They are then backed by our five-year limited warranty on parts, labor, and 1-year on electronic components.

As one of the top laboratory microscope suppliers, we offer a full selection of microscopes, including fluorescence and dissecting microscopes, phase contrast microscopes, compound microscopes, darkfield and brightfield microscopes. Whether you need a high or low magnification microscope, we have the right instrument for you!

Upright Microscope Uses and Applications 

When looking at your specimen from above, you need a powerful upright microscope (also known as a compound light microscope) from laboratory microscope suppliers that understand your unique needs. ACCU-SCOPE upright microscopes use our thoroughly tested optics to guarantee the clearest possible resolution through the whole magnification range. Some models have advanced automation capabilities and are designed to meet a wide range of industrial, educational, clinical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary applications.

Our upright microscopes feature a variety of different contrast methods and can be paired with the right optics and accessories to meet your needs, such as revolving nosepieces, iris diaphragms, and LED and fluorescence lighting options to improve specimen viewing.

Upright microscopes are typically used to observe small specimens for details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are best suited for life science and cell biology applications because they can be used for brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield, and fluorescence microscopy.

Inverted Microscope Uses and Applications

Inverted microscopes are known for having numerous applications in biology, allowing researchers to observe living cells and microorganisms in culture better. These instruments provide sterile work environments that accommodate large specimens and samples in culture flasks or Petri dishes. They also allow scientists to access the samples from above without disturbing the magnified image. Our inverted laboratory microscopes are available with a range of features to accommodate your specific needs.

As one of the best laboratory microscope suppliers in the United States, we offer specialized inverted microscopes with a myriad of modern features such as revolving nosepieces, iris diaphragms, fluorescence, mechanical and motorized stages, and digital camera adapters. Whether you are studying microorganisms or minerals, we have the microscope to best suit your needs.

Stereo Microscope Uses and Applications 

Our stereo microscopes, also known as dissecting microscopes, are perfect for dissecting, education, and industrial inspection purposes where ultra-high magnification is not a priority. These microscopes are lower magnification microscopes than compound light microscopes, making them ideal for quality control settings to ensure the products meet or exceed expectations. They are also commonly used to examine plants and small animals (e.g., insects), repair electronics, and analyze fossils.

As one of the leading laboratory microscope suppliers, we strive to manufacture and sell high-quality instruments that meet an array of needs. That’s why we have professional-grade stereo microscopes available in a range of sizes and magnification fields. Our dissecting microscopes are also designed and inspected in the United States to ensure quality.

Monocular Microscope Uses and Applications 

Monocular microscopes are specially designed for educators and researchers looking at microscopic animals, plants and algae, and require portability. Widely used in educational settings, these instruments generally have exceptional depth of field, and our monocular microscopes offer a wide range of magnification, starting at 40x and going up to 1000x magnification.

NEW!  ioLight Portable Digital Microscopes 

ACCU-SCOPE is pleased to offer the ioLight range of portable digital microscopes.  The 1mm and 2mm models are highly robust, compact and rechargeable for maximum transportability and convenience.  They utilize a WiFi connection to your smartphone, tablet or computer, and operate via the mobile app or a browser.  Capture still images and video with the 5MP camera.  Focus by sliding the camera up or down on the mast, then use the fine focus slider in the app to fine tune the focus.  Share images or video instantly via email or SMS on your mobile device. Each microscope includes variable transmitted (bottom) and incident/reflected (top) illumination.  Add an optional carry case for field excursions.  Coming soon: fluorescence and inverted microscope models!

Binocular and Trinocular Microscope Uses and Applications

If you need greater flexibility, we also offer binocular and trinocular microscopes. Our binocular microscopes have two eyepieces and provide comfortable long-term use in various applications. These microscopes are ideal for observing samples on slides.

If you will be presenting or sharing your findings with others, a trinocular microscope is advantageous over monocular and binocular microscopes. Trinocular microscopes have a dedicated camera port on which you can mount a camera. These instruments are useful in a wide range of fields but are especially beneficial for biologists, educators and health care professionals.

Request a Quote Today!

At ACCU-SCOPE, we have been providing high-quality microscopes and microscope accessories to professionals and hobbyists alike for over 100 years. Now, we’re one of the top laboratory microscope suppliers in the United States, offering not only professional-grade microscopes but also information on the applications they are recommended for. Contact our team to learn more or to buy laboratory microscopes today!



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