3075 Stereo Microscope Series

Clarity, Depth of Field and Amazing Resolution

Our most popular zoom stereo delivers excellent flatness and tremendous depth of field via our most advanced Greenough optical system ever. Incorporating the latest in ergonomic, optical and mechanical designs, the 3075 Zoom Stereo Series delivers unprecedented clarity, detail and accurate color rendition for industrial, OEM and classroom applications.


3075 microscope series
3075 microscope series
With a large variety of integrated LED transmitted/reflected stands, boom stands, ball bearing stands, flex arm stands, plain focusing stands, pole stands and diascopic stands the 3075 Series can be configured to fit any application.3075 microscope series
Trinocular models allow for quick and easy connection to HD video cameras, Digital cameras or DSLR cameras for training and documentation purposes. A variety of c-mount and photo tube adapters are available.3075 microscope series
A wide selection of LED ring lights, fiber optic illuminators and halogen light sources are available to meet the needs of any application.

Excellence by Design

Utilizing the most advanced optical and mechanical designs the 3075 Zoom Stereo Series delivers unsurpassed resolution and clarity at an affordable price. ACCU-SCOPE's new eyepiece design lends comfort to user's during extended viewing periods while maintaining exceptional color reproduction.

Digital Imaging at its Best

With a wide range of focusable c-mount adapters and coupled with our industry leading HD Digital Cameras, CCD or CMOS cameras the 3075 Zoom Stereo Series delivers outstanding images for photo documentation or live video at up to 60fps with our HD video cameras.

Modular Design, Maximum Flexibility

Whether your needs are with built-in illumination, external illumination, long working distance or high magnification the 3075 Zoom Stereo Series can be configured to meet individual needs. A wide range of stands, auxiliary objectives, light sources and eyepieces are available.