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  • X-Cite XYLIS II, shown with optional liquid light guide and speedDial X-Cite XYLIS II, shown with optional liquid light guide and speedDial

X-Cite Xylis II LED Fluorescence Light Source (XT730S), speedDial, 3.0m LLG, adapter

Catalog #:010-00556R

Quick Overview

Better Performance, Less Noise

Introducing X-Cite XYLIS™ II. With improvements across its broad spectrum and sound levels 10dB quieter than the original XYLIS, the only thing you'll notice is great performance. Researchers can enjoy the benefits of LED technology without compromising on price, flexibility, or performance. No more hesitation, no more excuses.

Brightness of an Arc Lamp

Specially selected LEDs built into the X-Cite XYLIS II are powerful enough to replace arc lamps on both compound and stereomicroscopes. The impressive output and low maintenance of XYLIS II can help breathe new life into underused microscopes and make better use of laboratory resources.

Broad Spectral Coverage

Like the original XYLIS, XYLIS II covers an extended spectral range, providing excitation from DAPI to Cy7.  Offering two models with a choice of UV wavelengths - 365nm or 385nm - labs may choose the one that works with their preferred or existing DAPI filter sets.

Flexibility to Suit Application Needs

In addition to its powerful output and broad DAPI to Cy7 spectral range, X-Cite XYLIS II offers the ultimate in flexibility. Delivering light through a light guide, XYLIS II can be used with more than a dozen microscope adaptors or, where the microscope design allows, with the light guide alone. X-Cite XYLIS II can be installed on just about any new imaging system or used to retrofit the microscopes labs have depended on for years. Offered in two models with a choice of UV wavelengths (365nm or 385nm), labs may choose the one that is suitable for their preferred or existing DAPI filter sets. "UV Off" mode disables the UV LED when it is not required at all, protecting sensitive samples and extending light guide lifetime. The whisper quiet operation of the XYLIS II makes it ideal for use in multi-station FISH labs and any imaging facility wishing to maintain a peaceful environment for conducting research.

Exceptional Control with Built-in Options

When it comes to control options, all are available or included with every X-Cite XYLIS II – manual fingertip control with speedDIAL (optional), hands-free operation with a foot pedal (optional), as well as USB and TTL inputs for automated applications.

X-Cite XYLIS II's ergonomic speedDIAL is designed with a large speed-sensitive intensity dial that doubles as an ON/OFF button, allowing for quick and intuitive control of illumination. With a simple double tap on speedDIAL, users can quickly jump to a favorite intensity setting.

Take full advantage of LED instant ON/OFF capability to limit photobleaching and phototoxicity with ultra-fast PC control or TTL triggering. X-Cite XYLIS II can be driven by commercial imaging software, and an SDK is available to develop customized control solutions.

X-Cite Costs & Energy Savings

X-Cite XYLIS II allows researchers to reduce the amount of hardware required by an imaging system – replace an arc lamp, separate shutter and neutral density filters – all with a single device. All systems include high speed shuttering, 1% power adjustment, and multiple manual/automated control options. Enjoy the long-term benefits of using LED technology, including long lifetimes, consistent output, lower maintenance, fewer consumables, reduced energy use, and zero mercury waste.


Model: XT730S

  • Wavelength Range: 360-770 nm
  • LED Peaks (nm): 365, 430, 475, 545, 635, 735
  • Input Power Supply: Universal input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Current: 2.4-1.0A
  • LED ON/OFF Response Times: 100 μs TTL / 1 ms USB
  • Control Options: speedDIAL (included), ON/OFF - TTL compatible, RS-232 commands (SDK available), USB, Foot Pedal (optional)
  • I/O Connections: BNC input, USB (B-type), 3.5 mm stereo plug
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 130 mm x 250 mm x 260 mm (5.1" x 9.8" x 10.3")
  • Weight: 5.7 kg (14 lbs)
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, UKCA, KC, PSE compliant
  • Warranty: LEDs – 25,000 hours or 3 years; All other X-Cite XYLIS II components - 1 year, parts and labor (excluding LLG)
  • Patents: X-Cite XYLIS II incorporates technology protected by patent US#9,239,133

System includes (CAT# 010-00556R):

  • X-Cite XYLIS II (XT730S)
  • speedDial remote
  • 3.0m LLG liquid light guide
  • Accessory Kit (tools, USB cable, power cord)
  • Microscope adapter; must specify microscope manufacturer and model