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  • EXI-600 Research Inverted Microscope, shown with optional DIC components EXI-600 Research Inverted Microscope, shown with optional DIC components

EXI-600 Research Inverted Microscope

Catalog #:EXI-600-M

Quick Overview


The EXI-600 is ACCU-SCOPE's flagship inverted microscope for life science research applications.

Intelligence Built In

The intelligent frame of the EXI-600 knows the objective and fluorescence filter cube position and light intensity, and displays them right on the front of the microscope.  Work with confidence -- no more guessing the objective magnification or fluorescence channel.

3 Camera Ports and Multiple Light Path Selection

Many applications require multiple cameras and the EXI-600 allows you to choose which camera port to use based on your need.

  • 100% of the light to the left-side camera port for your most light-sensitive applications such as fluorescence imaging.
  • 80% of the light to the right-side port allowiing you to simultaneously image and observe or manipulate the specimen as with micromanipulation.
  • 80% or 100% of the light to the top camera port for flexible imaging and minimizing the footprint of the microscope on your lab bench.

Choose Your Contrast Method

The EXI-600 is configurable for the most commonly used contrast methods in research microscopy.

  • Brightfield is standard with all EXI-600 configurations and is generally used for observing specimens with inherant coloration or that have been stained.
  • Phase Contast is used for observing unstained specimens such as cells in culture.
  • Fluorescence is used to observe fluorescent proteins, dyes and labels during the study of cellular processes and other applications.
  • Differential Interference Contrast ("DIC") provides high resolution and "optical sectioning" of stained and unstained specimens, and is used for routine imaging and micromanipulation applications.
  • Modulation Contrast is a specialized contrast method providing a 3-dimensional appearance to cells and was developed especially for micromanipulation and microinjection.

Third Party Accessories for a Customized Experience

Equip your EXI-600 with a variety of third party accessories from Excelitas, Prior, Sutter, Lumencor, Tokai Hit, Narishige, Eppendorf and TMC.  We offer selected accessories for fluorescence imaging, live cell imaging, in vitro fertilization, micromanipulation and microinjection, electrophysiology. and more.  If you don't see what you need, ask us.

Optional Accessories