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Looking for an imaging solution for your microscope?

Whether you are shopping for the best price-to-performance microscope camera to include with your new microscope setup, or you are looking to retrofit an older microscope to expand it's capabilities or just make it useful again, there is the right INFINITY microscope camera to meet your needs. INFINITY cameras offer HDMI and USB connections (varies by model) allowing you to conduct socially distant imaging and instruction while maximizing productivity.

INFINITY microscope cameras are compatible with most c-mount microscopes, come equipped with Infinity Analyze software for PC or Mac at no additional cost, and are backed by the Teledyne Lumenera industry-leading four-year warranty.

Discuss your application with the experts at ACCU-SCOPE or contact your local ACCU-SCOPE dealer for a recommendation of the best Lumenera camera for your work.

Download the INFINITY ANALYZE 7 Software Brochure

View INFINITY ANALYZE 7 Software Video Tutorials HERE

Teledyne Lumenera is a business unit of Teledyne Digital Imaging, Inc.

Lumenera® Cameras

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