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ACCU-SCOPE becomes Master Distributor for X-Cite

[October 2019] Effective October 1, 2019, ACCU-SCOPE Inc. becomes a Master Distributor in the US for X-Cite products from Excelitas Technologies Corporation.

"With the industry trend towards higher efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental safety, plus our growing portfolio of fluorescence-ready microscopes, ACCU-SCOPE will focus our support on the new Mini+ and Xylis families of LED-based products," said Brian Taub, Executive VP of ACCU-SCOPE. "By far, the Mini+ meets the needs of the vast majority of our customers. Where their applications require even higher intensity or longer wavelengths, the Xylis would be a better fit."

The compact Mini+ delivers white light for fluorescence microscopy applications. With direct couplers for most microscopes, the only decision for a customer to make is whether they need a 380-700nm wavelength range or the extended 360-700nm version. The Mini+ supports use of common fluorophores such as DAPI, CFP, GFP/FITC, YFP, TRITC/Cy3/RFP/mCherry, MitoTracker® Red CMXROS and Cy5.

The Xylis is equipped with a liquid light guide and adapter to deliver white light to most fluorescence-ready microscopes. The Xylis rivals arc-lamp systems for brightness, and boasts wavelength range options of 380-770nm or 360-770nm, wide enough to support Cy7 in addition to all of the fluorophores for the Mini+.

ACCU-SCOPE dealers will be able to reserve demonstration systems for both the Mini+ and Xylis, so that customers can test them with their own samples and in their own laboratories. Contact your local ACCU-SCOPE dealer for more information about X-Cite illuminators for fluorescence microscopy, or contact ACCU-SCOPE at to be referred to a dealer.

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