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ACCU-SCOPE Introduces New Fluorescence Illuminator for Microscopy

[March 2022]  ACCU-SCOPE Ltd. is pleased to introduce our new fluorescence illuminators for upright compound microscopes. These illuminators install easily between the viewing head and microscope frame of compatible microscopes and...

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Exploring Upright Microscopes: Everything You Need to Know

If you need a microscope for your laboratory, an upright microscope could be the instrument you need! Discover how these incredible instruments work.

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An Exploration into Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes are unique in their ability to create 3D images of a specimen in real-time. Learn more about these microscopes and how they work.

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Introducing the New INFINITY8 Microscopy Cameras from Teledyne Lumenera

[July 2021] -- ACCU-SCOPE Inc. is pleased to introduce the new INFINITY8 Series of microscopy cameras from Teledyne Lumenera spearheaded by the latest Sony® Pregius™ Gen3 CMOS sensors.  These introductions address...

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ACCU-SCOPE Offers Microscopes Specially Suited for Clinical Settings

ACCU-SCOPE, a trusted manufacturer of microscopes for nearly a century, has a wide array of instruments in their product offering, including microscopes that are especially suited for clinical settings. Clinical...

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ACCU-SCOPE Offers Specialized Microscopes for Gemologists

ACCU-SCOPE, a leading microscope supplier for more than 90 years, offers a variety of microscopes for gemology. A quality microscope can be a significant investment, but is essential for determining...

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ACCU-SCOPE Bolsters Sales Channel Support

[April 2020] – ACCU-SCOPE Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Andrew Gerson as Director of Sales for BioScience and Materials Microscopy.  In this newly created position, Andrew will...

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ACCU-SCOPE Inc. Responds to the COVID-19 Situation

With the serious health issues surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the health and safety of our customers and employees always come first.  ACCU-SCOPE has implemented a response plan based on recommendations from the World Health...

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What Are the Different Magnifications of Objective Lenses?

Most compound microscopes come with interchangeable lenses known as objective lenses. Objective lenses come in various magnification powers, with the most common being 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x, also known...

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Introducing the New Infinity 5 Series by Teledyne Lumenera®!

[December 2019] — ACCU-SCOPE Inc. invites researchers and clinicians to explore the Infinity 5 Series from Teledyne Lumenera. With the new Sony® Pregius™ global shutter CMOS sensor, the Infinity 5 series cameras...

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