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ACCU-SCOPE Offers Specialized Microscopes for Gemologists

ACCU-SCOPE, a leading microscope supplier for more than 90 years, offers a variety of microscopes for gemology. A quality microscope can be a significant investment, but is essential for determining a stone's characteristics, conducting appraisals, and photographing gems. Jewelers and gemologists can find gemological microscopes from ACCU-SCOPE with the features they need at prices that work for their budget.

When searching for the right microscope, one of the primary considerations is the magnification power. While just ten times magnification is sufficient for many tasks, for determining a stone's authenticity, and to identify inclusions or other potential defects, many gemologists prefer magnifications of 40X-45X power.

In terms of illumination, it is helpful to have different options to best see the details of a stone, while also being able to portray it in the best light possible. Darkfield illumination is commonly used in gemology, making it easier to view any light-scattering inclusions. Brightfield illumination is also beneficial for examining dark or opaque inclusions, while minimizing the appearance of dust and scratches.

Various accessories are also available for gemological microscopes, including stone and ring holders, that allow for easier manipulation and viewing of gems and jewelry of various shapes and sizes.

ACCU-SCOPE has an assortment of both binocular and trinocular microscopes for gemologists. To get more information, receive a quote, or find an authorized distributor, visit https://accu-scope.com/.

About ACCU-SCOPE: ACCU-SCOPE is a leading supplier of high quality, certified microscopes for more than 90 years. Our optics have earned us a reputation for producing crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution. ACCU-SCOPE's microscopes and accessories are available exclusively through a nationwide network of authorized distributors. To learn more, visit ACCU-SCOPE online at https://accu-scope.com/ today.