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Press Releases

ACCU-SCOPE Introduces Remote Collaboration Microscopy System for Pathology and Research

ACCU-SCOPE Inc. introduces the RC500 Remote Collaboration Microscopy System for pathology and research applications.

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ACCU-SCOPE Confirms NDAA Compliance of Imaging Devices

Commack, NY, USA [August 2022] – ACCU-SCOPE is pleased to announce that all our microscopy cameras and imaging systems are fully compliant with Section 889 of the John S. McCain...

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ACCU-SCOPE Introduces New ACCU-fluor LED Fluorescence Illuminator for Microscopy

[March 2022]  ACCU-SCOPE Ltd. is pleased to introduce our new ACCU-fluor LED fluorescence illuminators for upright compound microscopes. These illuminators install easily between the viewing head and microscope frame of compatible...

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