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ACCU-SCOPE Introduces New ACCU-fluor LED Fluorescence Illuminator for Microscopy

[March 2022]  ACCU-SCOPE Ltd. is pleased to introduce our new ACCU-fluor LED fluorescence illuminators for upright compound microscopes. These illuminators install easily between the viewing head and microscope frame of compatible microscopes and offer a great alternative to traditional fluorescence accessories.

Features and benefits include:

  • Built-in LEDs and filter sets.  No need to install filter cubes or align lamps.
  • Choice of 1-, 2- and 3-channel models.
  • Independent LED intensity control by channel with memory function.
  • Front LED display (on multi-channel models) shows active channel and LED intensity.
  • No impact on precious bench space, and only adds 3-inches to the height of the microscope,
  • Fits most popular upright microscopes.  Dovetail adapters are available for brands and models of ACCU-SCOPE, Olympus BX, Nikon Eclipse E and Ci models, Leica and Zeiss.
  • Economical.  Costs thousands of dollars less that traditional illuminators requiring filter cubes and external solid state light sources.
  • Safe.  No mercury.

Fluorescence microscopy is an essential tool for studying cellular structures, protein localization and identifying viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. The new fluorescence illuminators provide a simple and safe way to either upgrade an existing microscope to fluorescence, or replace an older and less efficient fluorescence system.

Visit https://accu-scope.com/optics-accessories/illumination/fluorescent-illuminators.html or contact us at info@accu-scope.com for more information.