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This category contains links to videos that ACCU-SCOPE has posted to its YouTube or Vimeo channel.

CaptaVision+ Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of the most popular features of CaptaVision+, ACCU-SCOPE's free imaging software for use with Excelis microscopy cameras.

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EXI-600 Research Inverted Microscope

The ACCU-SCOPE EXI-600 provides exceptional flexibility in an inverted microscope. Contrast options include brightfield (standard), phase contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC), fluorescence and modulation contrast. A range of stage inserts...

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EXC-500 Assembly Video

Need help assembling your new EXC-500 microscope? This video may be just what you need.

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ACCU-SlideMS Brings Slide Scanning to Everyone!

[May 2019] The ACCU-SlideMS from ACCU-SCOPE features intuitive, auto-stitching software combined with a high-speed USB 3.0 camera with state-of-the-art Sony Pregius sensor technology! ACCU-SlideMS enables users to choose to scan...

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EXC-500 Upright Microscope

ACCU-SCOPE's EXC-500 Series offers best-in-class performance and value for clinical laboratory and research applications. The newly designed NIS optical system provides sharp, crisp images via Plan Achromat or Plan semi-Apochromatic...

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EXC-400 Upright Microscope

The EXC-400 from ACCU-SCOPE is specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s clinical laboratories. The EXC-400 delivers both performance and value that are required for routine observations in pathology...

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Who is ACCU-SCOPE and why are we so passionate about providing high quality microscopes at affordable prices? Watch this brief video and you'll know.

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