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A Financial Argument for Implementing Telepathology

Is there a financial argument in favor of implementing telepathology?  The short answer is ‘yes’.  Besides several obvious benefits, other less tangible results can be added to this list. Telepathology...

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Approachable Digital Pathology

Implementing digital pathology mustn’t require massive investment in whole slide scanners, upgrades to storage capacity to support multi-gigabyte images, overhauling the IT infrastructure, and reconfiguring the pathology workflow.  You can...

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Fast Flexible Navigation in Live Telepathology

Essential to the effective review of patient slides is the efficient navigation of the specimens.  The RC500 Remote Live Telepathology System offers local users and remote reviewers several options for...

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Why Use Telepathology?

To put it simply, telepathology is the practice of pathology from a distance.  At the time of observation, the original glass slide is not in the possession of the reviewing...

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Top Ten Benefits of Microscope-based Telepathology

Since the 1980s, telepathology has been providing an efficient and effective means to review patient samples by a remote pathologist.  Although considered to be an antiquated technique by some, microscope-based...

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Doing More with Less Through Telepathology

From recent surveys, studies and medical school records, the pathology gap (imbalance between practitioners vs growing incidence of disease) is further exacerbated by impending retirements, a decline in graduation rates...

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Can “Live” Telepathology Improve Pathologist QOL?

It is well known that a physician’s wellbeing and Quality of Life can impact the quality of treatment. [1]  Without specialization, pathologists split their time between anatomical pathology, clinical lab...

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Advantages of Live, Real-Time Telepathology

Digital telepathology technology has revolutionized the pathology workflow. Let's examine its benefits and how the RC500 can help your institution.

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Understanding Depth of Field and Depth of Focus in Microscopes

Wondering how similar or different depth of field and depth of focus are? Let's look at how both are defined and how they differ.

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How Microscopes Support In Vitro Fertilization

One of the great uses of microscopes is in the field of reproductive medicine. Discover how microscopes allow IVF procedures to be successful.

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