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What to Consider When Investing in Microscopes for Education

Choosing the right microscope for your classroom or lab is imperative. Check out this guide on buying educational microscopes for your educational environment.

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Exploring the Role of Microscopy in Virology and Disease Research

The term microscope originates from the Greek words mikros meaning “small,” and skopein, meaning “to look.” The first recorded use of a microscope-like instrument dates back to the late 16th...

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Emerging Trends in Biological Microscopy

As technological forces merge automation and computation with current advancements in optics, the full potential of biological microscopy is coming into focus. Since the advent of phase contrast microscopy by...

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Advantages of Phase Contrast Microscopes for Clinical Settings

Phase contrast microscopes utilize a special technique to enhance the contrast of an image. This technique was developed to produce high-contrast images of transparent or unstained specimens that could not...

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How to Choose the Right Microscope for Use in Gemology

Gemologists rely on high-quality microscopes to do their work. Perhaps the most common usage of microscopes in gemology is to conduct an appraisal of a stone. The microscope needs not...

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Why Should I White Balance?

The short answer to the title question is because white balancing produces better images, improves consistency, discriminates detail, balances contrast, and refines resolution.  If you are using a microscope with...

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Color Cameras in Microscopy

Believe it or not, people used film for taking pictures with microscopes – big, clunky cameras bolted to the microscopes, often with separate control units, and no way to preview...

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Cleaning Microscope Optics

We all agree that a clean windshield or clean glasses work better and are more pleasing to look through. Microscopes work better when the optics are clean, too.  Dust and...

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Demystifying Numerical Aperture

We are often asked to recommend the objectives for a microscope.  The objective sits closest to the specimen, and is an integral component of the microscope and crucial to delivering...

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