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Why Should I White Balance?

The short answer to the title question is because white balancing produces better images, improves consistency, discriminates detail, balances contrast, and refines resolution.  If you are using a microscope with...

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Color Cameras in Microscopy

Believe it or not, people used film for taking pictures with microscopes – big, clunky cameras bolted to the microscopes, often with separate control units, and no way to preview...

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Cleaning Microscope Optics

We all agree that a clean windshield or clean glasses work better and are more pleasing to look through. Microscopes work better when the optics are clean, too.  Dust and...

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Demystifying Numerical Aperture

We are often asked to recommend the objectives for a microscope.  The objective sits closest to the specimen, and is an integral component of the microscope and crucial to delivering...

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