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Why Use Telepathology?

To put it simply, telepathology is the practice of pathology from a distance.  At the time of observation, the original glass slide is not in the possession of the reviewing pathologist.

Originally, telepathology was performed by sending a digital image of a patient specimen to a remote pathologist for review.  As technology improved, the single static digital image was replaced by streaming live video of patient samples across a hospital network or even the internet, but the remote pathologist lacked the ability to navigate the specimen without assistance from the local operator.  With further advances in network and internet technologies, remote pathologists became able to control the microscopes and navigate the slides almost as if they were sitting at the very microscope with the patient slides.  This is often referred to as real-time telepathology.  More recently, whole slide imagers digitize entire slides and, storing them on large servers or the cloud, make those images accessible to reviewing pathologists who can easily survey the slide at low magnification, then seamlessly zoom in for more detailed inspection before rendering a diagnosis.

So why use telepathology?

Telepathology offers faster access to experts for consultation and faster diagnoses.  With real-time telepathology, even remote pathologists can provide reviews as quickly as a local pathologist who is sitting at the microscope, and significantly faster than if the slides are mailed to them.

Telepathology allows for live consultation and collaboration with multiple members of the patient’s care team, keeping everyone informed and on the same page to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.

Telepathology saves time and money for most institutions.  The delay and cost of shipping slides is avoided.  Diagnoses can be made quickly, often while the patient is still in the OR, thereby accelerating the time-to-treatment.  Telepathology also provides access to specialists and facilitates case review in understaffed institutions.

The list of benefits goes on: educational opportunities, second opinions on difficult cases, reduction in patient stress, clinical research, provides expert care for underserved patients, and more.

ACCU-SCOPE recently introduced the RC500 Remote Collaboration System for live telepathology.  It works like a microscope because it is a microscope: range of objectives, motorized stage, high-precision digital camera, motorized stage and focus for slide navigation from anywhere.

Would you like to learn more about the RC500 Remote Collaboration System for Live Telepathology?

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