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Can “Live” Telepathology Improve Pathologist QOL?

It is well known that a physician’s wellbeing and Quality of Life can impact the quality of treatment. [1]  Without specialization, pathologists split their time between anatomical pathology, clinical lab work, teaching, research and administrative duties. [2]  Sub-specialization in pathology creates opportunity for improved learning, leading to higher satisfaction with diagnoses in those specialties.  More specialized work has also shown improvement in the quality of diagnosis. [3]

Other stresses plague pathologists.  Case load and pathologist accessibility are high on this list.  So how can live, real-time telepathology further improve the pathologist’s QOL and the quality of patient care?

  • Convenient live slide evaluation from any location, within or outside the institution.
  • Live consultation for accelerated diagnoses, faster treatment and better patient outcomes.
  • Increased efficiency in case review, reduced waiting time, and opportunity to review more cases.
  • More opportunities for training (and mentoring) by sharing sessions with fellow pathologists and specialists.
  • Improved access to specialist consultations, even when not on-site.
  • Reduced cost and risk of breakage from transportation of slides to the pathologist for evaluation.
  • Expanded convenience and flexibility affording pathologists enhanced work-life balance.
  • Enhanced ability to collaborate and share knowledge between institutions.

Are you using live remote telepathology, or is it in your future?  The ACCU-SCOPE RC500 Remote Collaboration System can support your telepathology goals and enhance your quality of care.

Interested in a demonstration of the RC500? CLICK HERE to request a demonstration