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ACCU-SCOPE Introduces Remote Collaboration Microscopy System for Pathology and Research

Commack, NY [June 2023] – ACCU-SCOPE Inc. is pleased to announce the development and launch of the RC500 Remote Collaboration Microscopy System.  The RC500 is fully integrated with motorized microscope, high-resolution, medical device-grade camera, and software.  The RC500 is designed for stand-alone operation for local, in-person microscopy, as well as full operation by a remote user via a desktop sharing application.  The RC500 provides the best of three worlds: traditional microscopy using eyepieces, improved ergonomics using the included camera and display on the monitor, and remote viewing of images by researchers and collaborators.

“Despite the movement of clinical microscopy towards whole slide imaging, there is still and absolutely a place for traditional microscopes in the clinic, laboratory, tumor boards, seminar and instructional environments,” says Brian Taub, CEO of ACCU-SCOPE.  “This has been a resounding message from pathologists, veterinary pathologists, and researchers over the past couple of years.  Slide scanners are indeed great, but they haven’t replaced the traditional microscope.”  The RC500 is a highly versatile system addressing the needs for peer-to-peer collaboration, remote consultation, and routine microscopy, and slide scanners don’t offer all three.  The RC500 delivers exceptional images plus the added benefit of excellent agility in today’s busy world of pathology and research.

Figure 1. RC500 user interface.
Figure 2. RC500 system can be operated remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone with internet connection and desktop sharing app.
Figure 3. The RC500 offers real-time remote viewing, control and collaboration. Remote viewers and users can position the slides, change objective magnifications and annotate for a true interactive experience.

The RC500 is a fully functional clinical and research-grade upright microscope featuring a trinocular viewing head; 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x and 60x dry semi-Apochromatically corrected objectives (no need for oil immersion); motorized stage with XY stage stalks and 2-slide holder; front touchscreen LCD display on the microscope; high-speed medical device-grade color microscopy camera; and preconfigured RC500 software.  RC500 provides both the local and remote user with fingertip access to objective selection, “manual” and auto focusing, XY specimen positioning, digital zoom, image adjustment, overview scan, pin drops, heat map, annotations, and more.

Contact ACCU-SCOPE for more information about the microscope or to schedule a remote demonstration of the RC500 Remote Collaboration System.



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