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ACCU-SCOPE Offers Microscopes Specially Suited for Clinical Settings

ACCU-SCOPE, a trusted manufacturer of microscopes for nearly a century, has a wide array of instruments in their product offering, including microscopes that are especially suited for clinical settings. Clinical microscopes are an essential fixture in hospitals and research laboratories that specialize in fields like microbiology, histology, pathology, and chemistry. They can be used to study human and animal tissue and other live specimens, and are often used for diagnosis of disease and conditions. ACCU-SCOPE has microscopes available with different objectives, contrast systems, and other features that are best suited for these fields of study.

Scientists will find a variety of both binocular and trinocular microscopes in ACCU-SCOPE’s portfolio. A binocular stereo microscope provides comfortable viewing of specimens and are often available with tilting functions for increased ergonomics. Trinocular configurations allow for the attachment of a camera or an observer accessory and are commonly used for documentation and training. Most microscopes come with Plan Achromat objectives, which offer low distortion and flat-field correction, and are more budget friendly. Plan Apochromatic and semi-Apochromatic objectives offer a higher level of correction for more colors and spherical aberration, resulting in a clearer image and typically higher resolution. Microscopes with other options are available as well, such as a phase contrast system, which is particularly valuable for creating high-contrast images of transparent and other low-contrast specimens.

ACCU-SCOPE has several different microscopes available with features that are uniquely suited for a variety of specialized applications. To find out more about their microscopes for clinical settings, or any of their other optical equipment, visit https://accu-scope.com/.


ACCU-SCOPE is a leading supplier of high quality, certified microscopes for more than 90 years. Our optics have earned us a reputation for producing crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution. ACCU-SCOPE's microscopes and accessories are available exclusively through a nationwide network of authorized distributors. To learn more, visit ACCU-SCOPE online at https://accu-scope.com/ today.